Multi-design panel Tips:

Although Robot has got competitive price on prototyping already, we still try to offer the best service to reduce client’s cost and make production convenient. If you have multiple designs to be made, PCB Robot has the edge:

Panelise your designs according to the following rules, you can use the online quote without any extra charge: Panel size (mm)

(Usable area)Board LimitHole Limit
165 x 420151500
270 x 420202000
370 x 420303000

For example, if you have a 160 x 200 panel which has 4 designs/boards in it, and you need 2 sets of them. You can enter the online quote as follows: Size: 165 mm x 420 mm Quantity 1 (1 panel can fit 2 sets) You can get the price of the project. Please make sure that your panel can fit in our standard panel to avoid comfirming delays.

Robot can also panelise the board files for you. You can choose a panel size upon to quote, please make sure that the boards can be fit in the panel within the rules. You will be charged $10 extra for panelising each design. For example, if you have 3 designs that need to be panelised, there will be a $20 extra charge. Please attach a list of file name and quantity required of each design clearly when you submit the order to avoid confirmation delays.

Any specs beyong the panelising rule could cost an extra charge, PCB Robot will confirm the final price with you before production.
Panelising rules: Gaps between boards: 0.1inch (2.54mm) V-groove Gaps: 0.04inch (1mm) Please note that CNC V-groove progress could cost an extra charge depends on the file.

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