Manufacturing Files

PCB Robot can accept Gerber files in the following format: Protel 99SE, DXP,Altium Designer 6 or Gerber RS274-X.
The prefered format is either Altium files or Gerber RS274-X.
Please use the following layer name and file extension for identification

File UseExtension
Top LayerGTL
Bottom LayerGBL
Top OverlayGTO
Bottom OverlayGBO
Top Solder MaskGTS
Bottom Solder MaskGBS
Border for RoutingGKO or GM1
Positive Internal Track LayersG (1=Inner layer 1, 2=Inner layer 2, etc)
Negative Internal PlanesGP (1=Inner layer 1, 2=Inner layer 2, etc)
Plated Holes Drill FileTXT
Unplated Holes Drill FileNPT
Plated SlotsGM2
Top Layer to Inner 1 Drill fileDRT
Bottom Layer to Last Inner Layer Drill fileDRB

Example: For a job called "MyJob" the top layer file will be called MyJob.GTL, bottom layer MyJob.GBL and so on.

Please note: When naming layers please only use each number only once per file. Eg: G1, G2, G3, etc. The number will indicate the layer sequence with 1 being the inner layer closest to the top layer.
See notes on defining the border in Rout Rules

Drill files should be Excellon format no. 2 with sizes included in the header.
The preferred format for drill and gerber files is Imperial, 2 integer digits, 5 decimal digits, absolute type with no zero suppression.

Files should not be mirror imaged and should be plotted as viewed from the top of the board.

Layer files should be generated with a common datum point at 0,0 for all layers. ie do not use auto centre or similar features that place different offsets on different layers.

Plated slots should be defined as a track with the same width as the slot width. The length of the track is defined by the start and finish of the X and Y coordinates of the Gerber track. No other markings or dimensions should appear on the PLATED SLOTS plot.

Files in other formats or with different naming conventions will cause delays as PCB Robot seeks customer specification on layer identification.
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