Solder paste stencils are used for screen printing solder paste on printed circuit boards during automatic assembly. In order to make sourcing easier, PCB Robot now offers laser-cut stencils with the following features:

1. Standard frame and custom size are available.
2. Short turnaround: 1-3 working days.
3. High accuracy of sizes, dimensions and positioning.
4. Smooth aperture walls.
5. Stable area tension.
6. Can be shipped together with your pcb order.
7. Files can be stepped by Robot to match your pcb order.
Stencil Size (mm) Useable Area (mm) Price Weight(Kg)
370x470 190x290 US$45 1.5
300x400 130x210 US$40 1
420x520 240x340 US$60 1.8
450x550 270x370 US$70 2
584x584(23"x23") 380x380 US$80 3.2
550x650 350x450 US$80 3.5
736x736(29"x29") 500x500 US$100 5
400x600 220x400 US$65 2.5
400x800 220x600 US$70 3.5
400x1000 220x760 US$80 4