Pricing & Payment:

1. I have a certain amount of pcb project monthly, can I get a discount and a credit account?

Yes. Once your purchase amount exceeds $2000 for 3 consecutive months, you can email to apply for a discount and a credit account.

2. I have multi-designs time to time, can I send them in a panelised file and use the online quote price? Will there be any extra charge?

Please check here for more details.

3. Does the price differ for the first order and repeat orders.

Yes. For a single design order, the repeat order will be $10 off, it’s the CAM engineering cost for checking your design, and modify for poduction. For multi-designs panel jobs, the panelising extra will not be recharged.

4. How do you charge for BBT?

The online quote price already includes the BBT charge.

5. What payment options do I have, and is there any extra charge for different payment options?

For prepaid clients, we only accept payment by paypal which is the safest way to ensure the legal rights of both of the buyer and the supplier. The online quote price already includes the paypal extra charge. Nevertheless, if you have got a credit account with PCB Robot, you can get a discount by paying through bank transfer.

6. When the payment is requested?

For prepay clients, payment is requested before production is started. After you submit the online order, we will check your file and send the invoice with a confirmation of what we will be making. Payment received will be considered as confirmation of order details as per the confirmation sent by us. If you need the job be started straight away, you can pay the online quote amount before getting the invoice. We will only accept the payment after we check the job and confirmed there are no extra charges, otherwise, we will email you to confirm the details before starting production.
For clients who have credit account with PCB Robot, payment is required as per the contract conditions.

7. I have made the payment, and there’s no problem with the file, why am I still asked for payment?

PCB Robot has many orders every day and sometimes we get several payments for the same amount. To avoid delays due to payment, please provide at least one of your order details in the payment comments, your file name, order number, PCB Robot job number, invoice number, any one of them will do.
PCB Robot can be delayed with payment confirmation for the following reasons:
a. No payment comments, incorrect details, numbers missing, etc.
b. Use a person name for payment comments. We have many customers. Chances are we already have a few customers with the same name as you.
c. Use the company name for payment commets. Big companies sometimes have different departments placing orders at the same time, especially the universities. If you belong to a big company please use your job number or invoice number in the comments.

8. I have made the payment but I have to cancel the order for reasons out of my control, what should I do?

You need to email right away, please put the subject as ‘Order Cancel request’ so that it can be processed priority.
If PCB Robot hasn’t accepted your payment, it can be refunded with no charge.
If PCB Robot has accepted the payment, but the production is not started, it can be refunded after taking off the paypal charge which is $0.40 + 4% of total.
If production is started, Robot can refund 50-80% of the amount depending on the status of the job.

9. Why Robot’s price is cheaper than others, can I expect a good quality?

Prototypes are more expensive because it requires better production management and labour is used less effeciently. PCB Robot has a very advanced ERP system that manages all aspects of the jobs and optimises small jobs on the fly to make them look like larger jobs, this brings a considerable saving in labor and reduces mistakes. PCB Robot has good price because we are professional. We get the job right first time every time.