Lead Time & Dispatch:

1. Does the lead time on the online quote include the shipping time?

No, the lead time is up to when PCB Robot hands the job to the courier company.

2. Which dispatching service does PCB Robot use?

PCB Robot delivers by DHL, TNT without a agent delay, we can also ship jobs by UPS, FEDEX, EMS, etc for prototypes.
It is recommended to ship goods over 70kg by sea.

3. How long does it take for delivery?

PCB Robot sends jobs all over the world, you can call the local branch of the selected courier company to confirm the shipping time. PCB Robot uses DHL and TNT as the main international express supplier without any agent delays, for other couriers, please add 1 day of the quoted time.
To confirm the shipping time, you need to advise the local express servise of the following information:
Goods will be shipped from Shenzhen China, 518000, before 6:pm from Mon to Fri, the local customer service can help you out with the shipping time.
In generally jobs going to the main metropolitan areas in US, Australia and Western Europe will take 2 working days however it is wise to check with your local branch.

4. Is the day on the online quote business day or calendar day?

It’s business days.

5. Is the lead time counted from when I submit the online order?

The lead time is counted from the payment and after files are confirmed.

6. Why doesn’t Robot provide fast turn around service? Almost all my 5 days orders from Robot are done within 3 days.

PCB Robot sends jobs as soon as they are ready. To ensure that you get your job on time we only promise what we are certain we can achieve. We are always trying to improve our service but we prefer to under promise. When PCB Robot gets more than 80% 5 days job realiably made in 3 days, we will update the quick turn around service online.

7. Can I be updated when my boards are sent?

Yes. PCB Robot auto scan the waybill number and sends the dispatch notification for every order as soon as they are dispatched.

8. Can PCB Robot use my couriers to send my job?

Yes. Please mention it before payment made and advise the details, PCB Robot will contact your courier when the goods are ready for collection.




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