Certifications & Capabilities:

1. I can’t find the UL and ISO certifications from your website, can you advise.

PCB Robot is a new organisation for overseas marketing. We have brought in advanced western ideas of management. Currently, PCB Robot is applying for certifications, once they are approved, they will be updated on the website. However, all the materials for pcb production are UL approved and have passed the UL approval tests.

2. What are your manufacturing capabilities?

Please click here for the details of our manufacturing capabilities. We are continuously updating our capabilities. For requirements beyond the technical capabilities please email sales@pcb-robot.com for a quote.

3. Will PCB Robot check and fix my pcb design?

PCB Robot will check the designs, if we find anything odd in the file an Engineering Query (EQ) will be emailed through, the boards will be started after the questions are confirmed. PCB Robot will not make any design changes without your approval by the designer. Some PCB Robot’s users (mostly universities making jobs for students) would like to make the boards without design checks to learn from the failure from the prototypes, please mention to ignore all design failure in the comments to avoid confirmation delays.

4. Can PCB Robot make jobs faster than 5 days?

For 5 day turn around price, PCB Robot sends jobs in 3-5 days; For 7 day turn around price, PCB Robot sends jobs in 5-7 days. If there’s a special requirement that extended the lead time, Robot will email through to verify before starting the job.

5. Does PCB Robot support 24 hour service?

PCB Robot’s factory is running 24 hours, customer support is on duty from 9am-5pm Beijing time.

6. Can PCB Robot take 24hr orders?

PCB Robot does not take 24hr order without previous arrangement. However, PCB Robot is working on this target to supply 24hr pcb service to all over the world.

7. What are your drilling sizes?

From 0.3mm to 6.0 mm in 0.05mm increments. Holes larger than 6.0mm will be routed out.

8. Can you make large volume jobs with 5 day turn around?

For production jobs, PCB Robot will check your files and specs and work out the lead time, we will confirm the due date with you before manufacturing.

9. Can I order a job with specifications outside of the online quote guide lines?

You can leave a comment when you quote, or you can email your file and requirements to sales@pcb-robot.com, one of our sales will get back to you through the contact details you provide.

10. Can I put more than 1 design panels and use the online quote price?

Yes, you need to follow Robot’s multi-design panel rules to use the online quote price, more details please click here

11. I can fit 15 designs in your prototype panel, however, it’s limited to be 10 boards only, do I have to separate them into 2 orders?

No, you don’t have to separate them into 2 orders. The board limit is meant to keep the tooling charge under control, you can submit the file to us for a check, we will contact you to confirm if there’’s an extra charge.

12. Can I panelise 1 layer, 2 layer or 4 layer’s designs in one panel?

Yes, you can panelise them to the same panel, and the panel will be charged according to highest layer count, therefore, if you have a big 4 layer board with a small 2 layer board to be fit in a panel, it will save your cost.




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